The Remenat Church

That is the sort of radical, uncompromising attitude he says we must
exercise over our own hearts, for as the disciples go, so goes the
Church. Just look at the gravity of his words! "Keep yourself from
ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that would occupy the place in your heart due
to God, from ANY SORT of substitute for Him that would take first
place in your life." Fanatical, impossible directions! Do you really
mean to say that there can be NOTHING that takes first place in my
life but Christ? Is that what it comes down to? 

Absolutely, that is precisely what is at stake, and that is precisely
where the battle rages, and that is precisely why we are being
tempted on a daily basis. Bound up in that is a lot of good things -
spouse, children, friends. Bound up in that is a lot of religious
things - church, ministry, work, calling, title, position. Bound up
in that is a lot of reasonable things, a lot of moral things, a lot
of innocent things. But the crux of the matter is where does Christ
fit in? All we have to do to be defeated is to put Him some place
other than first. Either He is Lord OF all, or He is not Lord AT all.
From: The Revolutionist His Bondservant Forever In Christ Jesus Jesus Washing Feet (Humble)

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